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Nike Blazer of the Week -"Denim"

Combining denim tones and classic vibes of a Nike original sneaker, customizer Gungulou combines fall tones and jeans-wearing vibes to a full, new sneaker creation.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi ยท Sep 29
Nike Blazer of the Week -"Denim"

Break Out The Fall Clothes


With it officially being the fall season in many countries north of the equator, cooler is already trickling in. October is just around the corner, and its time to officially make the change from summer to winter clothes. With a perfect sneaker for the fall season, Customizer Gonggulou's beautiful Denim blazers ($289) are the perfect shoe to pair with the return of jeans and hoodies.

About the Shoe

A Nike sneaker that has a following, the Blazer remains less popular than its Air Force 1 or Jordan siblings, but is a sneaker that draws heads for its difference - a unique and iconic silhouette in its own right. Gonggulou's sneaker of choice is a basketball classic that is feels at home with autumnal leaves.

Beginning with a clean Nike Blazer shoe, Gonggulou washes the sneaker in a tan-paint color that harkens to the exceptionally-popular Vaschetta tan colorways of late. The work is careful and perfect, with little imperfection from precise brush strokes.

But what really elevates these sneakers is Gonggulou's careful, thoughtful inclusion of denim over the heeltab, Nike swoosh and eyelets. With precision, Gonggulou cuts custom denim fabrics, bleaches them, and overlays them on these sections of the shoe. The hits of denim running along the shoe, mixed with the tan-colors under it are an understated, stylish mashup of colors and fabrics. Gonggulou has a truly transformed and unique take on the Nike Blazer, and true to its namesake "Denim".

Lastly, be sure that Gonggulou's pair of Blazers are quality. Their use of resistant fabric-glues and Angelus custom shoe paints make them street-ready, and one of our picks for a fall-ready custom sneaker.

About the Artist

Hong-Kong-based customizer Gonggulou is a new addition to The Custom Movement, but their talent and inventive eye shines through in their creations on The Custom Movement.

Sneakers with beautiful paintwork, painted and customizable accessories and wearable fashion, Gonggulou's innovating and fall/winter-ready styles are a perfect way to get your custom shoe game on point.

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