A Ranking of the Different Colorways of the BAPE Custom Nike Air Force Ones by FNF Customs

A ranking of the different BAPE customs by FNF Customs.
Akshar Bonu
Akshar Bonu · Oct 30
A Ranking of the Different Colorways of the BAPE Custom Nike Air Force Ones by FNF Customs

BAPE, a Japanese clothing brand founded by Nigo, is often the inspiration of custom sneakers by artists and customizers today. Very popular is the remix of the BAPE camouflage design on various sneakers like Nike Air Force Ones and Vans.

Today, we will look at and rank a few different colorways of BAPE inspired custom sneakers made by The Custom Movement artist and customizer FNF Customs. Each retails for $210 on The Custom Movement.


Our favorite colorway is this gorgeous pink BAPE camouflage print. FNF Customs uses a few different shades of pink along with brown for the subtle ape imagery and camo print throughout the broader print. While difficult to choose, our team's consensus was that this was the one to cop as overall we felt it was eye popping and an awesome statement piece.


Our second favorite colorway is the blue BAPE camouflage print. By our count, we see four different shades of blue creating a warm and beautiful piece. If you look closely, you can even see the ape subtly in the print.


This image hosts our third and fourth favorite colorways.

Our third favorite colorway was the yellow BAPE camouflage print. We see four different colors ranging between yellow and orange giving a gorgeous sneaker. We looked closely but couldn't find the ape in the print - maybe you can?

Finally, our fourth favorite colorway was the blue and maroon BAPE print. You can find the ape in maroon and the dark blue in the print and we loved what the addition of Maroon brought to the overall blue print.

Overall, it was extremely difficult to rank. Our team agreed that we’ll eventually cop them all — good thing it is holiday season! To see more work by FNF Customs, check out her page below — she tells us she has a lot more exciting things dropping in the coming weeks and months. 2020 will be a big year!


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