Clout Cvlture's Gucci Custom: Vans or Nike AF1?

The Custom Movement’s followers have spoken. People prefer Clout Cvlture’s Gucci custom on a Nike AF1.
Akshar Bonu
Akshar Bonu · Oct 26
Clout Cvlture's Gucci Custom: Vans or Nike AF1?

The Custom Movement artist Clout Cvlture recently showcased some of their new work. It was a beautiful custom Purple Gucci design on Vans and on a Nike Air Force One. To be honest, both looked pretty awesome. But, our team here at TCM was divided on which they thought was better IF they had to choose. So, we asked our followers on Instagram which of Clout Cvlture's Gucci customs they preferred more: Vans or Nike Air Force One.

IMG 3293

To our surprise, it really was a landslide of epic proportions. We had two supporters of Vans but literally everyone else was in the AF1 club. It speaks to the bigger trend of love that Nike and specifically the Nike Air Force one is getting in the customization world of sneakers. It comes as no surprise then that most of Clout Cvlture's work is stunning Nike Air Force One customs that remix brands like Gucci and work by artists like Murakami.

We're huge fans of Clout Cvlture's work and we encourage you to check it out when you can and show some love:

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