Our Favorite Custom Sneaker Tik Toks This Week

One of our guilty pleasures is spending hours watching custom sneaker artists and customizers customize away on Tik Tok. Here are some of our favorite Tik Toks this week!
Akshar Bonu ยท Nov 2

1. Marko Terzo (@markoterzo)

The biggest question we have with this Tik Tok is: Marko, why didn't you just buy a black pair of vans? After reading the comments, we realized we were not alone with this question. In this video, Marko shows his skillful paint work (to turn a White pairs of Vans into a Black pair of Vans), masterful and intricate tape work alongside his airbrush skills to create a beautiful gradient with a prism effect. With the combination of the music, the editing, and the talent on display you're left wondering whether you'll want to dance or be stuck in a trance until a hundred loops later your friends breaks you away from your phone. This video amassed an absolutely insane 9.7 million likes.

2. Sneaker Mechanic (@sneakermechanic)

In this Tik Tok, Sneaker Mechanic takes a plain old pair of White vans and turns them into his signature burnt custom sneaker theme with a Louis Vuitton print to satisfy the hype seekers out there (some of his other work includes pioneering the burnt Nike swoosh on the Air Force One). The music is a perfect fit and it comes as no surprise that this Tik Tok went totally viral amassing over 500,000 likes. We love in particular how he incorporated the beautiful Louis Vuitton print into the burnt Vans custom and showed the process with his stencil, tape work, and airbrush. The final product genuinely looks burned speaking to the skill of Sneaker Mechanic.

3. Cam Createz (@cam.createz)

Of the three Tik Toks, this one is the most masterful and intricate work of pure painting skill. Cam makes a gorgeous Michelangelo custom Nike Air Force sneaker using excellent tape work to allow for clean lines and a stunning final product. The various shades of grey used create a beautiful depth in the work and the vibrant red adds a real nefarious tone to the whole piece with the dripping blood. The editing, composition, and music is also spot on creating a Tik Tok that no doubt has looped a few too many times. It comes as no surprise then that it amassed over 334,000 likes.

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