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Région Wallonië, Belgium
ATPIK is the fusion between the world of shoes (sneakers) and the world of art and design. It is this mix that gave birth to this project of customized shoes. At ATPIK we believe that everyone should be able to express their personality through their style, and that starts with the shoes. We work on any brand or model without restrictions to make a unique customised pair that will perfectly reflect your personality. Our customization techniques are also applicable to other media such as leather goods, luggage, clothing and many others. Don't hesitate to entrust us with your wildest customization projects. Since 2015, we have been developing ever more innovative customisation techniques to offer you ever more possibilities in terms of customised shoes. We use ultra-resistant professional products that guarantee you a customised pair of shoes that are 100% wearable like a classic pair. ATPIK is a Custom Shoe Collection unique with its elaborate designs. Each model is designed in our workshop. We always make sure to propose a customization in accordance with the design of the initial pair to offer you customized sneakers easy to wear and to match with your outfits. We also offer a personalization service Made to measure at the cutting edge of customization. Give free rein to your imagination to create THE PAIR of customized shoes you've always dreamed of, a unique model that will fit you perfectly. When you wear a work of art on your feet, you have to take care of it. Discover our range of protection and cleaning products for custom shoes and keep your custom shoes in perfect condition for a long time!
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