Behind The Scenes By starlinecustoms | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By starlinecustoms

Behind The Scenes By starlinecustoms

🚨 Beware customisers and people looking to buy customs ! ⚠️ • .26 is at it again impersonating me and others, he’s easily made thousands ripping people off using other people’s art work, I don’t get why his PayPal hasn’t been terminated or his page for that matter, if you’re an artist and you recognise your work on this page please report him and his PayPal name, there are videos of me on there and my hand and ring but he blocked me and I’m literally powerless to do anything other than warn everyone. . It’s not just my work so I vouch for everyone when I say this guy needs reporting !! Over and over again until take this seriously! . Avoid paying these PayPal emails or even better report them from your PayPal . . . Maybe tag to see if that will help 🤷‍♂️ . #customkicks #sneakerart #kicksology #customsneakers #kickfeed #sneakergallery #sneakerhead #streetwearstyle #kotd #modernnotoriety #customizerdepot #hypedhaven #angelusdirect #customshoes #sneakerheat

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