Behind The Scenes By solesbysir | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Wow, I remember when this was the size of my wait total line. Now this is the size of my SHIPMENTS from TODAY ONLY (not including people who shipped to my house directly.....8 pairs) I never imagined this, and while my wait time has increased (I apologize) I must say it's still like a 7 year old on Christmas whenever I see Ups,FedEx or the USPS delivery pull up. THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING ME, REPOSTING ME, ORDERING FROM ME, or just congratulating me when you see me. I'm beside myself right now #SolesBySir #stillInShock #NFL #1of1 #EveryTeamIsTheGoal

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