Behind The Scenes By bstreetshoes | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By bstreetshoes

Behind The Scenes By bstreetshoes

These next 2 weeks Team B Street will be traveling on a 4 city tour with celebrating their hit shows Insecure and The Deuce. We have been tasked to paint 1000 pairs of custom roller skates at parties in Houston, Philly, Atlanta and New York. The designs will celebrate different aspects from the shows, and the best part, the skates will be given out as free gifts to the public! Keep an eye on mystories to see behind the scenes from the tour and RSVP links to attend to get your free pair of custom painted roller skates. 🎨 See you there! #mixtapesandrollerskates Dates: Houston 7/14, Philadelphia 7/19, Atlanta 7/26, New York 8/4.
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