Behind The Scenes By pixies_tiny_things | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Behind The Scenes By pixies_tiny_things

#aboutlastnight my 2nd #badbunnyconcert in Reading, PA! More pics to come but here’s a few from during the concert.. these pics make me realize that I have to get a new phone w a better camera.. cause this one is just shit in the dim lights, lol. This show was PACKED but such a great vibe, amazing lights/pyro and sound, and of course, who doesn’t love that voice?? Tour staff was the best part tho.. you guys are all awesome and I can’t wait to see you again! 💖 more pics to come tomorrow, I gotta catch up on some sleep now! (Also stupidwill only let me post 10 pics at once, and I’m ‘effin lazy.. sorry/not sorry) 😜 #badbunny #badbunny🐰 #x100pretour #x100pre #siemprepicheo

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