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Behind The Scenes By raleighrestorations

Ever repaint a pair of Jordan 6s and the paint bleeds into/behind the exposed Icy sole on the side??πŸ›‘πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ ‍ 'Midsole Magic' makes this a non-issue as it lets you cleanly and easily wipe away the paint without it running! When using acetone, the paint will 'run' with the liquid acetone and find its way in all sorts of places you can't control (such as behind the icy sole) causing a mess (sometimes one that cannot be reversed)! Not to mention it takes MINUTES instead of HOURS to strip midsoles so you can finish your work FASTER! ‍ Please note that Midsole Magic does not work on all 6s, be sure to test a small area with acetone, if that works continue with acetone and save your money! However, when paint falls off like shows in this video, how can you NOT want to save the time and headache?! ‍ Want to purchase a bottle today? Simply CLICK the "shop" icon in the bottom left corner, or click the LINK IN OUR BIO to shop today as well as watch our EASY to follow step-by-step tutorial to get your midsoles stripped in minutes! ‍ Are you interested in learning MORE about restoring and customizing sneakers like a pro? We have tutorials teaching you how to repaint durable midsoles, how to FULLY re-glue shoes, and MUCH more! Simply CLICK THE LINK in our bio to gaint access to all of our FREE resources, tutorials, DIY, products we use and more! CLICK THE LINK in our bio to begin today!

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