Behind The Scenes By art.bybello | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By art.bybello

Behind The Scenes By art.bybello

Swipe !!! >>> Dec 16 ,2018 I dropped “ZOMBIE INVASION “ a collection of hand painted jackets inspired by a zombie movie I watched !.. the creation of this beautiful piece was done in my little creative space (my room)..combining series of imaginative and idealized features of “ZOMBIES “ together to depict the aesthetics in this ugly creation . creating and painting was tough ! I basically didn’t have any money to run some materials and supplies .. I went through art block several times .. But then I struggled till I got an opportunity to showcase my jackets at the streetsouk urban streetwear event 18th dec 2018 Lagos , Nigeria .. in the early part of February (16) 2019 I had the opportunity to be part of the Qrate fashion show in Birmingham , uk 🇬🇧 , showcasing my jackets . All this couldn’t have happened without God , my family , friends , creators and you guys ! .. I can’t call y’all fans! .. I’m no wizkid.. you guys are family .thanks for supporting and encouraging 🙏❤️ God bless y’all . . “BEYOND INFINITY “ summer 19 collection drops July 1st Turn on post notifications ❤️ #summer19 #artbybello #beyondinfinity

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