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Behind The Scenes By solarcolordust

Behind The Scenes By solarcolordust

Beautiful! 😍. Using our Chameleon Pigments and Aurora Holographic Flakes! #Repost @o ・・・ As you very well may know, Mirordor is a reflection of our world. Where we live in a mundane world without magic, Mirordor is brimming with magic. However, at one point in time our worlds were one! Not so much in the sense that Dragons roamed freely in our world, but there was a means to cross the barrier using the Mirror doors or portals between the worlds. To do so you had to have a dark crystal to go between the worlds. Unlike the Earth you know, where the center is a molten core of lava, the center of Mirordor’s earth is full of dark crystals. It is the life force of Mirordor and powers every magical creature and being in this realm. At one point in time humans tried to mine the dark crystals leading to ‘The Great Eradication.’The humans were a blight on Mirordor and they wished to be in control of the magic the center of the Earth contained. Due to the human need to control and be a dominant species they were forced out of Mirordor, stripped of the key to return. All but one human was given a dark crystal, a friend of the dragons and the creator of the crystal guardians. A group of Dragonkin that were not made of crystals, but of the properties of crystals. Their life’s mission to protect the center of the Earth. Citrine was the first to be born. She was pure positivity and light. Her optimism shines bright even in the darkest of times. . Coated in Lyra aurora flakes and chameleon dust. . #crystals #citrine #dragonart #dragongirl #creaturedesign #uniqueart #arttoy #magical #firey #reddragon #clay #polymerclay #solarcolordust #crystalart #colorshift #chameleon

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