Behind The Scenes By kyleten80 | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By kyleten80

Behind The Scenes By kyleten80

My family had the memorial service today for my uncle Gordy. To me he was larger then life, and him being 6’7” didn’t hurt either. He struggled with many things throughout his life and passed away along. And all though many family members did our best to be there for him, “when” we could. NO ONE did more out of unselfish love then my father and most importantly my mother, Helen Davenport! So thought a quick sketch to help remember their bond would be nice. When they and the world seemed simple and fun. And thanks to , and for putting it all together and making it a special evening. #unclegordy #sisterandbrother #sketch #draweveryday #familymatters #ilovemymom

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