Behind The Scenes By solesbysir | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Cleaning out SIR's closest. Over the past 4 years I accumulated HUNDREDS of cleats from players. Here's your chance to have your own pair of custom 1of1 freestyles, just like the pros, for basically the cost of a pair of cleats. (Some as low as 125.... yes cleats included) It's simple, go to click on the STORE tab and either search for your size or browse over 200 pairs now. This is a first come first serve, and some of these styles I only have one. Once you pick your cleat, you can pick up to 4 colors and I will freestyle it and welcome you to the fam. Oh one more thing, this sale won't stay on the site permanently. Once a certain amount of pairs are sold I will remove the rest and you will be left waiting. So.... READY. O #SolesBySir #1of1 #customCleats #ForYOU #customJordans #CustomUA #CustomAdidas #CustomNike TAG someone who needs to rock 1of1's.

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