Behind The Scenes By customsbyleanne | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By customsbyleanne

Behind The Scenes By customsbyleanne

THE PROCESS: people come to me with design ideas or no idea at all and then together we can discuss exactly what is expected of the outcome. I often send photos of sketches or ideas to help get a clear understanding of how the shoe will look. Each design is usually completely unique so a price is decided based on an estimation of the time and detail that will go into the work. Payment can then be made which most of the time will include the price of the shoe itself. I will then order the shoe and begin the process. Each shoe is primed with a deglaze to create a surface that will allow the paint to bond to. After this I will begin painting; the painting process requires hours of attention as well as multiple layers to create the bold colours on both shoes. A special coating is then applied to finalise the shoe to a factory finish. This ensures the shoe is 100% water resistant so they can be wiped clean as usual. The box is then signed and the bespoke shoes are collected or sent to the owner.

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