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Behind The Scenes By danibee.arts

TLDR: My Shoe listings onand Custom Movement are on hold until I am well (all current orders are being honoured unless wanting a refund!) Hi! I'm so sorry for not posting but I was finishing my degree and I put everything on hold until after my deadlines. I was planning on celebrating by opening my shoe listings back up and hoping to see some new designs come in but sadly I was admitted into hospital on deadline day. I really wanted to come back but life kicked me down again, I will open everything back up when I'm ready because I'm in pretty rough shape and holding a glass of water is heavy to me 😂 Please be safe and be hygienic, you maybe a carrier without any symptoms and pass it on to people like me who has had their life flipped within 24hrs, please...hospitals aren't great at the best of times but right now you don't want to be there! Stay safe ❤ . . . #shoes #custommade #custom #nikeairforce1 #customshoes #paintedshoes #painting #handpaintedshoes #handpainted #floral #floralpainting #floralshoes #update #etsyseller #etsy #nikeairforce1 #artist #artistsoninstagram #customnikeairforce1

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