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Behind The Scenes By _martkd

Behind The Scenes By _martkd

Sneakers + Art + Talent = ......On Friday our team had the pleasure of hosting @_martkd in Trinidad. We always feel like although it’s a competition every artists ends up winning because they are able to have an outlet to showcase their talent while using the popularity of sneaker culture to gain attention. Over the years we’ve fallen in love with the “why” artists create what they create. After speaking to about her sneaker we feel it would be a disservice if we did not share her narrative behind her design. . . “This scene is captured inside the barrel of a gun. With her baby in arms, this mother cannot forsee that one day she’ll lose her precious child to gun violence.” . . Gun Violence is a serious issue in not only Trinidad but across many countries. If our post brings attention to this issue then we have done our small part in ending gun violence across the world. dope narrative and continue to share your talents with no limits. . . . #ItAboutMoreThanSneakers #trinidadandtobago #eopsetopia #868 #carnival2018 #islandlife #sneakers #art #island #hennessy #hennessyartistry #artist #Bess #tnt #MARTKDTT #endGunVioleence

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