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Behind The Scenes By constant_practice

Behind The Scenes By constant_practice

Item(s): Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme aw2000 "Haute Couture" for Men's Collection Hand Quilted Silk High Collar Vest. Description: No detail is spared, as it is with all Yohji garments. The hand quilted high collared vest features are testament to the collections theme from the complex fabrication that includes: Silk, Polyester and Laine Wool; to the unparalleled garment construction. No thread is left out of place. Interesting button snap closures, that are atypical to what most use, along with two exterior and interior pockets round off the smaller details. Other notable features from the collection include fur, embroidery and jewelry embellishments that, while luxurious and perhaps a bit feminine, still feel quite masculine. Male masculinity is a major theme Yohji constantly pokes fun at throughout his career, which creates a lighthearted nature to his work because he doesn't even take himself or “Fashion” seriously, so why should you. Tagged a size 2 (M), but fits big. The majority of older Yohji fits big and is meant to be oversized. Made in Japan. Measurements: Shoulder Width: 16” /Width: 20.5” / Length: 28” (Measured from the shoulder seam.) DM if interested in purchasing.

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