Behind The Scenes By basscustoms | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By basscustoms

Behind The Scenes By basscustoms

Today I just lost my best friend in the world. My bro Perk was my go to guy all day, this was supposed to be my right hand man when I made it big. I'd love the chance to roll one more blunt, run one more game of zombies, square up side by side and give niggas these hands lol. All I can do now is remember the good times. My bro was the first person I showed my kream shirt idea to, he came with me to pick them up and copped the first one, so on that note I'll be dropping a exclusive k.r.e.a.m tee to remember my bro by... this will be a pre-order and all money will go to help bury him. If the go find me account reaches its goal then all remaining money will go to his fiancé and kids. As always I appreciate the support if you want to give to the family's go fund me account link is in bio

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