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Behind The Scenes By luciafootwearco

Behind The Scenes By luciafootwearco

SCYDA ANNUAL CHARITY SOFTBALL GAME🥎. . SCYDA is a a foundation started by Matthew Scott. Every year, the foundation runs a charity baseball game where former and current professional athletes attend. The game helps to raise money for children with Type One Diabetes in the Carolinas. The turfs were made for Matt and his father Steven to promote the South Carolina Youth Diabetes Association, as well as his old high school, where this years’ event is actually being held. . Congrats to Matt and Steven on all of the success with this event and raising awareness and money for children! It is truly amazing to see how impactful your organization is on so many children in your area! . #SCYDA #Type1Diabetes #Charity #CharitySoftball #SoftballGame #MLB #MiLB #SouthCarolina #Youth #GivingBack #LuciaFootwear

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