Behind The Scenes By ishhbang | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Behind The Scenes By ishhbang

Feels good to give back to the community out here! πŸ™πŸΎ Honestly rather be here doing shoes because man people out here genuine, loyal with business, & business is BOOOOOOMING out here ya don't understand!!!!πŸ’°πŸ”¨ On a realer note, don't always gotta be the one to always think about yourself always and why your pizza isn't "hot" and "good" enough. Dealt with a little kid who never seen carmex a day in his life, yeah the chapstick. Crazy right? This one girl you see on this video loved me so much & wanted to be around me 281/72. People worried about their eyebrows, makeup on "fleek," how much they got in the bank, dumb materialistic stuff, and all. We gotta start being GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for even going to sleep & waking up in the am because people really out here getting evicted, living in homeless shelters, and never even seeing how a chapstick even looks like. I bet people gon just read this and keep scrolling then go worry about how you look your dirty ass mirror, smfh. Just keeping it πŸ’―

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