Behind The Scenes By solarcolordust | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By solarcolordust

Behind The Scenes By solarcolordust

Using SolarColorDust! 💛💚 www.SolarColorD Posted • 🌞Scroll for transformation video🌞 ☀️... and more pictures☀️ SUN DROP SNALIEN info: Alright, we are pretty much done with Winter and sooo ready for the bright and sunny days of Spring. Get outside with SUN DROP SNALIEN and watch the change happen right before your eyes! Reacts to sunlight ... or UV light for you introverts. Hopefully you will share some fresh air with your new buddy from Planet Snirk. These are not LE but we don’t know when or if we will make them again. Demand will tell! We are making Sun Drop with a standard 1:6 ratio ... so 1 in 6 will be the GLOSSY chase! Flat or glossy, both change color in the sun! ☀️WHEN: Friday, February 28 @ 8 PM est ☀️WHERE: www.TNT-P ☀️HOW (many): 12 total including 2 glossy chases ☀️HOW (much): $35 shipped in the US ☀️WHY: Because you like awesome stuff? 🌞See you Friday!🌞 #snalien #sundrop #tntplastic #colorchange #resinart #indietoys #goodbyewinter #hellospring #colorchangeresin #solarcolordust #melloyellow #itcamefromplanetsnirk

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