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Behind The Scenes By constant_practice

Behind The Scenes By constant_practice

Item(s): Issey Miyake ~1990's Parachute Pants. Description: Uber futuristic in design, construction and fabrication. Primarily utilizing a light nylon as the outer shell and combined with a knitted inner base. Issey's technologic and militaristic driven approach is clearly evident. The pants are meant to be worn high on the waist and features parachute cord details on the front and back allowing the user to loosen and tighten as needed. The hem features a similar detail and can drastically change the silhouette depending on styling preferences. Size: M. Measurements: Waist: 26” / Front Rise: 14“ / Back Rise: 14.5“ / Inseam: 28" / Outseam: 40.25" / Hem: 12" (adjustable). DM if interested in purchasing.

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