Behind The Scenes By bbizon | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Behind The Scenes By bbizon

2.5 hours of work pressed into a couple of seconds. I think one of the most highly requested things I have ever been asked to show is a timelapse of my work. I can do some in the future (at a different speed as well) if people would like to see more. Enjoy. These are the "Motivation Theory" Yeezy Boost 350s. I'll share more details of what they represent along with full pictures in my next posts. Happy Sunday! šŸŽ§: 5 AM & Take It Back (Instrumentals) // Logic + I am booked until July for custom orders, and not accepting any more until then. Feel free to contact me for any updates or questions! #BizonCustoms #AlwaysOneOfOne #AngelusDirect #MotivationTheory #Yeezy #YZY #YeezyBoost # Logic

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