Behind The Scenes By angelusdirect | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Behind The Scenes By angelusdirect

Tape sticks like crap to Nike Romaleos 3's , allowing bleeds and uneven lines. So the tape , slow and steady for the W. First of many coats to come. 🎨⠀ ⠀ Free custom tips - back using the trusty 3/8" angle brush and letting the paint roll off as I drag the paint back and forth. ⠀ Also towards end of the video you can see the bristles fan out, which adjust the width of the brush stroke. A 🔑 when following along curved surfaces such as these shoes. ⠀ ⠀ Customs made by our sponsored artist ▪️ • • • #Angelusdirect #Angelusbrand #Angeluspaint #nike #nikeplus #crossfit #doyouevenlift #olympiclifting #romaleos #swoosh #art #paint #custom #create

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