Behind The Scenes By theshoesurgeon | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By theshoesurgeon

Behind The Scenes By theshoesurgeon

The UNC/Bred Union is about more than uniting two iconic colorways. It symbolizes the unity of two milestone moments in Michael Jordan’s career, but also in my personal story as well. For myself, my passion for sneakers all started when I wore my first pair of original Jordan 1 Chicago's. The feeling I got walking into high school with something so unattainable on my feet, and the attention I received from my classmates is what fueled my desire to always have the rarest pair – which lead to me creating my own. Fast forward to ’06/’07, living in Charlotte gave me a new perspective on the culture. Similar to Michael Jordan, NC is where I recognized the opportunity to turn my passion into a career. Thus where the name “The Shoe Surgeon” was first created. This weekend, I’m bringing it full circle at NBA All Star by combining the two significant color ways into a union pair. Releasing Saturday at 8AM.

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