Behind The Scenes By dailydoseofthingz | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By dailydoseofthingz

Behind The Scenes By dailydoseofthingz

✨CUSTOM CHAIN CHARM AF1 ✨⁣ -ALL SIZES AVAILABLE ⁣ -DIFFERENT CHARMS AVAILABLE ⁣ -WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ⁣ -COMES WITH OVER 5 MYSTERY GIFTS⁣ -FREE CUSTOM NECKLACE INCLUDED ⁣ -DM TO PURCHASE ⁣ PAYMENT METHODS:⁣ paypal(preferred), ———- all custom orders and shoe orders take up to 1-3 weeks+ship time(1-2days) (please note that this an estimate and is subject to change with notice due to order volume) -no refunds once you buy a custom shoe or regular shoe you’re committed to the wait time rest assured it’s totally worth it -all my shoes are authentic! -custom orders may take longer due to high demand and customization time i pour my heart into making quality products!

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