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Behind The Scenes By jarcustoms

Behind The Scenes By jarcustoms

Mamba4L💛💜 • • Here’s a tribute to the passing of Kobe Bryant I did on a pair of AF1s. My contest winner decided to go with a Kobe inspiration pair and I thought it was a brilliant idea. These have so much more meaning to them because Kobe Bryant not only changed the game, but he changed lives from all over. His craft was always above and beyond and to see him gone just breaks my heart. My heart and condolences goes out to all of his loved ones and those that were apart of this tragedy. The greatest basketball player to ever do it and one of the greatest humans to ever walk this earth. Kobe, this one is for you✊🏻 I will post part 2 of the full custom tomorrow. Just wanted to share with you guys my tribute to the goat🐐 He May be gone, but his legacy will live forever! Comment down below with some 💜💛 to show your respect👇🏻 • • Paint: 🔸 • • #customsneakers #kicksoftheday #igsneakercommunity #goat #sneakers #sneakerhead #shoutmysneaks #shoeart #angelusdirect #angeluspaint #planetkickz #featuremysneaks #mambaout #customshoes #kobe #complexsneakers #mambaforever #mambamentality #art #sneakgallery #the_perfect_pair #kicksonfire #jarcustoms

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