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Behind The Scenes By angelusdirect

And we are back again with a brand newvideo for you. By now everyone should be settled in and in back to school form. On this episode, we are happy to bring in sponsored artist, Noel Alvarado also known as . In this tutorial, Noel schools us on how to paint a Crayola - Back to School Nike Force 1 custom for kids🖍️🎨🖌️⁠ •⁠ Noel will be educating you on how to paint bold colors as well as giving you some simple tips to improve your airbrushing skills. ⁠ Now take out your pens, paper and get ready to take some serious notes📝✏️⁠ •⁠ Watch👀 Like❤️ Learn🖌️& Subscribe✅⁠ •⁠ •⁠ #Angelusdirect #createwhatyoucanthave #art #paint #custom #create #nicekicks #customkicks #hypebeast #instalove

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