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Behind The Scenes By customizerdepot

Behind The Scenes By customizerdepot

First this IS NOT publicity ,you moron. This is us making EVERYONE AWARE that you are a scamming CLOWN! You never fucked any bitch of ours, You wanna talk about being a man? Why don't you man up and accept that you fucked up and pay the people you owe LOTS OF MONEY AND SNEAKERS too BACK You wanna call people names? We can call you names like criminal or thief or robber because that's all you are you owe all these people tons of money, you owe people tons of sneakers. One review when the customer gets a quick look at your sloppy ass work doesn't prove nothing. We aren't on nobodys dick, we are looking out for the community! The evidence and proof is here. But you "Stay gettin paid". - - Heres multiple people who have tons of issues with you lying about shipping, shoes being done, then when they get annoyed with your lies you block them!!! - - Also and we see you, how can you approve of this garbage? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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