Behind The Scenes By quonito | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By quonito

Behind The Scenes By quonito

I’m not sure if these customs had anything to do with the color inspiration behind the new x T’s..👀😎 Whether it is or isn’t I’m completely geeked about it! The world is watching at all times, just know that! I’m not here seeking to take credit, but instead give credit to whom deserves it () for finding inspiration from all aspects of life & bringing them to fruition in one way or another! You’re shifting the culture daily & I(WE) appreciate you for your artistry, as well as what you share with the world, while doing it all with class! HISTORY WAS MADE TODAY..CONGRATS & BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS!!! ✊🏾🚀👟🧠 #creativetastemakers #respecttheartist #louisvuitton #offwhite #vapormax #donebyquonito

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