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Behind The Scenes By immylouisedesigns

Behind The Scenes By immylouisedesigns

Nike Air Force 1s with hand painted sunflower pattern (link to these can be found in my bio) This is an example pair - all types of shoes and sizes are purchased in your size when you order this item, and personalised to your standard!!! This usually takes 3-7 days from the date your order is placed. The designs produced are waterproof and should not come off unless scuffed, picked or scratched at. These shoes can be worn, but must be LOVED! Any harsh treatment to them may cause damages to the paint. If you wish to have a this design or your own idea on a different shoe, please message me!! The price will depend on how complex/simple your design is and the brand of shoe it is on. All sizes are available (both men's and women's). DISCLAIMER - the price includes the cost of the shoe itself.
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