Behind The Scenes By liquidkicksofficial | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By liquidkicksofficial

Behind The Scenes By liquidkicksofficial

As we approach the new year, i need to take a second to look back and say that 2019 was a good year! With all the support you give us, we were able to grow to sustainability and we are even more thankful to have been able to watch all of you grow and prosper! Most of all i am thankful for my beautiful woman who has had to handle all the hardship and stress of dealing with me behind the scenes! She has picked me up when i have been beyond stressed to death and put me back on my feet with fresh ambition and courage to keep working towards our goals! 2019 was good but 2020 is going to be great! We have alot of amazing opportunities that we are sharing with our community and because of your support we have the power to grow fast and be capable of giving back to you the artist! We are so exited to see where you go in 2020!🎉🎉

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