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Behind The Scenes By swellguycustoms

Behind The Scenes By swellguycustoms

In case anyone thought my last post was a tasteless April Fools prank, I genuinely did get injured on Easter. Within 20 minutes of a nice Sunday hike in Joshua Tree, I leaped from one rock to a lower one and completely misjudged the height. I landed on both feet just fine, but came down on it so hard that I shattered my left heel bone completely. It’s a swollen mess and practically useless. The X-Ray isn’t great but all the dark lines are fractures. My “good” foot has a huge nasty bruise on it from a strained ligament making me pretty much wheelchair bound for a while. I go in for surgery next week (the swelling needs to go down first) where they will be installing metal plates and screws so that it heals properly and I don’t have bad ankles for the rest of my life. I should be fine overall but it is a major inconvenience. I was on the verge of finishing up a few different custom sneaker designs this week but those have been delayed obviously. I still intend to work on things but it will have to be at a slower pace. I’ve gotta do a lot of elevating and icing to both legs which doesn’t leave a lot of time for artwork. Don’t give up on me yet! I’m still hustling and I’m still taking orders. Honestly, I need them now more than ever. I hate playing the sympathy card but “self employed” healthcare is a messy situation to be in during an accident. If there was some sort of moral to the story, I guess it would be something like “measure twice, jump once” or “act your age”? I don’t know. Just take care of your feet folks. They are surprisingly fragile.

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