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Behind The Scenes By chadcantcolor

Please read and Swipe for more. 🏄 I was fortunate back in the day to be help change the way surfboard painting was done around the world. Together with a close group of artist and visionaries we made a huge impact, even before social media blew up. Everyone in the surf world knew our art, knew and wanted to be part of it. I was kid living the dream , getting to paint all day ,all night, travel the world and leave my mark everywhere. It definitely was the foundation for setting my art career of what you see now. Stoked to reunite with the original crew this weekend to paint live on some fresh boards. We’ll also be showcasing some old classics, some new ones, and if you are in Southern California cruise by. Gonna be a fun time. #chadcantcolor ________________________________________ #customs #surfart #surfboardart #posca #poscapens #poscaart #freehand #lostsurfboards

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