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Behind The Scenes By graure

Behind The Scenes By graure

"What's going on with you?" It's clear that as the pandemic is pushing the practice of social distancing, more and more people are now spending days confined to their homes. You may simply be unaware that even the closest ones to you, your friends and family, might be going through this with a lot more struggle than you are. Without going into what the experts say or what the studies show, just know that on top of the anxiety around the illness itself, staying inside and isolated from support networks can have a serious impact on mental health. So just get in touch with your loved ones, check in on the friends that you know live alone and call the elderly people in your life. It's the minimum effort of looking after the ones that we care about and it only takes such a small fraction of our time. Stay safe guys! . . . . *inspired by JR Thorpe *

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