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Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

This is a story I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about...... When my alma mater reached out to commission me to make a 1of1 piece for the Archbishop, I was in disbelief. First, I couldn’t beleieve the Archbishop rode a , and second, that they wanted to entrust me with such a special project. To help celebrate the school’s new official proprietary logos , I made a 1of1 custom helmet, which brought together the New Columbus C, the New Explorer Ship logo, and the always important Explorer alumni saying “Adelante”. I was invited to the very special mass to celebrate 60 YEARS of Christopher Columbus HighSchool. It was truly special. Over 1800 students and faculty attended and partook in a wonderful mass....... and to think that wasn’t even the craziest part. Sprinkle in me nearly passing out and having to be carried outside, to grand finale of complete and utter screams and cheers at the end as The Archbishop opened the glass case and Rocked the 1of1 helmet, fresh out of my studio. If this isn’t LIFE I don’t know what is. Thank you to everyone involved today, this is one of those days I will never forget. Please tag a Columbus alum that would love this story. #SolesBySir #1of1 #customHelmet #CCHS #ColumbusHighSchool #Archbishop #C #Adelante #highschool #PassingOut #Love #Faith #Family #Miami #FullCircle

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