Behind The Scenes By mtmtdesigns | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By mtmtdesigns

Behind The Scenes By mtmtdesigns

Here's a mini throwback to last year where I had a shoe painting workshop with the students from . It wasn't the easiest thing to do to be honest, as the students each have different learning disabilities. I really appreciate the student's willingness to actually even work on completing the shoe art. Recently the center just bulk ordered some shoes from me as they were saying that the students will be working on new shoe projects. I honestly felt super warm at heart. It's as though they have learnt how to be independant, and work towards something that may bring meaning to them. I sincerely wish that they will be able to get the recognition from their efforts, so people, do check out their website if you wish to purchase any of their creative products. #unitedvoicemalaysia #shoepaintingworkshop #shoepainting
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