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Behind The Scenes By jacquardusa

How to turn a white shoe yellow from the monochrome master @_theoglife: . Dye the sole in a hot bath of #iDyePoly (the longer you leave it in and the hotter it is, the deeper the color will become). . Paint the fabric components with #DyeNaFlow (let the fabric suck up the paint, doing all the work for you) . Paint the leather components with Jacquard #AirbrushColors (@_theoglife did a base coat of Opaque Yellow on these with a topcoat of Fluorescent Yellow to make them pop). . Nothing like a fully monochrome shoe, either has a finished product or blank canvas for more detailed work, and has all the tools you need to make it happenšŸ”„ . #jacquardproducts #jacquardpaints #teamjacquard #monochrome #idye #soledye #shoedye #dipdye #handdyed #handpainted #yellow

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