Behind The Scenes By solesbysir | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Behind The Scenes By solesbysir

Took a stroll back to the 80ā€™s this weekend with the amazing cast of at their Season 2 premier event in LA. Big thank you to the people of for the opportunity, and to everyone who came out to see me work on some custom kicks and hats (a first for me, but def not a last). THANK YOU. And to the AMAZING and GREAT cast thank you for all the love. Looking forward to collabing again soon. Also had the unforgettable experience to be able to meet, chat, and [email protected] custom work for the super talented director who directs the show not to mention who also did one of the greats #BoyzInTheHood. #SolesBySir #1of1 #customKicks #SnowfallFX #Snowfall #DamsonIdris #AminJoseph #AngelaLewis #IsaiahJohn #MalcolmMays #JohnSingleton #LA #customHats #NeverStopPushing

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