Behind The Scenes By jd_thepainter | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Behind The Scenes By jd_thepainter

Behind The Scenes By jd_thepainter

👟CORAZÓN DESTROYED AF1s🎨 • • So I dyed these, cut em up, added my logo, wrote callouts throughout the shoe for personal reference purposes...for me and this brand, this pair is truly a SAMPLE/PROTOTYPE! • • I created this pair to present to you guys and get some feedback! I will offer these in a multitude of colors! Any color you want them dyed I can do. All pairs will come with hand painted “heART” logo as well as randomized DISTRESSED Swoosh patterns. The purpose of these is to match the clothing I will offer in the upcoming let’s me hear it in the comments, DMs, texts...whatever! What’s your thoughts on selling these🧐 • • Now as far as the brand, the logo and it’s breakdown. Let’s start with the HEART. The heart is one of the most recognizable symbols globally. No matter what language you speak, everyone can recognize the symbol ❤️. I wanted something can everyone can relate to for their own purposes. The ❤️ is not only one of the most important organs in your body, but it can also be used to describe feeling( typically compassion, love, affection, sympathy, pity, concern...etc). It can be used to describe ones mood. But for me it represents courage and enthusiasm. • • The colors I chose to use with the heart and their respective meanings are -green (growth,freshness,harmony, safety), orange (happiness, success, creativity, encouragement), blue (loyalty, strength, wisdom, trust), purple (ambition, luxury, peace, devotion), red (love, passion, adventure). • • Each “heART” LOGO will also have a BLANK bandage covering a crack located somewhere differently on each piece. I will leave the bandage blank so that each owner will have the opportunity to write what has helped them or what means the most to them. For myself that’s ART. Which is why on the initial mock-up and on the SAMPLE AF1 you’ll see it written on both bandages. • • Each sneaker made and each article of clothing sold will come hand signed, and with a motivational handwritten note. • • I can go on and on about all the creative ideas and pieces I have planned in the upcoming collection but if you want to know more feel free to DM, text,or comment below! Stay tuned on more

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