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Porcelain Inspired Cole-Haan

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Chinese Porcelain Inspired Cole-Haan. This unique pair is painted on a second hand Cole Haan and is still in great condition. Custom requests are more than welcomed too! Pricing will differ from this listing :) - Works are all Hand-painted with US imported acrylic leather paint - Every pair is unique, please let me know what you would like to custom - Water Resistant (paints are all topped with a finishing coat) - Unisex and kids - Kindly communicate about sizes beforehand, I usually buy the shoes from the original site depending on availability - AUTHENTIC Sneakers only, usually purchased from reputable websites. - Designs are flexible, you can always communicate with me the designs you desire. - Ships Worldwide (I've shipped close to 12 countries) - No returns possible as all these items are made to order with special customization requests. - However, under any special circumstances, do contact me if there were problems with your order - Normal Processing time takes about 3-4 weeks for painting. NOTE: Please check your message box after you purchase as I will need to communicate with you on the progress from time to time.

Processing Time3-4 weeks

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1 reviews
October 2019
This is one of the only reasonably priced shoes on here, i know a good custom when i see one and if I saw these in the store they're off the shelf, great work!
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