Custom "Cosmo V2" AF1s | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Custom "Cosmo V2" AF1s by Customizer & Clothing
Custom "Cosmo V2" AF1s by Customizer & Clothing
Custom "Cosmo V2" AF1s by Customizer & Clothing

Custom "Cosmo V2" AF1s

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Custom "Cosmo V2" AF1s Created By ONLY DOING 15 PAIRS Turn Around Time: 2-4 Weeks Base Shoe Is Air Force 1. Which Is Included With The Pricing. Design: The Goal Was To Make It Look Like The Cosmos • I Used 9 Colors. 7 Of The Colors I Used In The Rainbow Formation From Giftbox Blue To Orange. The Last 2 Colors Was The Black & White. The Black Was make the colors that dosent blend well. To Flow Smoothly and still give it the cosmos theme The White Respent The Stars That's In The Cosmos • The Random Shapes: It Gives The Cosmos Theme And Also The Cosmos Is Full Of Random Shapes & Etc, So it's was perfect • Nike Logo: I Hit The 2 Outer Nike Logos A Drips & Drops & Puddles. Just To Make Something Stand Out Other Than The Cosmos Theme & The Lighting Lighting: Just Like The Nike Logo Just To Make It Stand Out Midsoles: Has Been Professional Hand Painted, With Crazy Amount Of Layer Of Paint & Sealer

Processing Time3-4 weeks

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10 reviews
LaTasha Lewis
October 2020
I love the shoes!
Myka Johnson
September 2020
Love my shoes!
Lexy Seeley
September 2020
I love these shoes!!!!
Review of Custom Sneaker by ronncustomz1
My son absolutely loves his customs from Ronncustomz1 , I ordered him the Cosmos V2’s and they turned out super clean . They arrived on time and we are very happy with the whole process.
Review of Custom Sneaker by ronncustomz1
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