Leopard Print 🐆 - Air Jordan 1 MID | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
Leopard Print 🐆 - Air Jordan 1 MID by sneakergenic
Leopard Print 🐆 - Air Jordan 1 MID by sneakergenic
Leopard Print 🐆 - Air Jordan 1 MID by sneakergenic

Leopard Print 🐆 - Air Jordan 1 MID

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🔹 Hand Painted. 🔸 Leopard Print painted onto both sides of a pair of Air-Force 1’s in 3 colours. 🔹 This custom design is painted using Purple and Black. 🔸 There might be tiny differences from the pair in the picture, the spots might be in slightly different sizes and places, and the colours may be slightly lighter/darker. ‼️*WARNING*‼️ With this particular custom the outsole tends to wear easily due to its consistent friction with the ground. An issue that doesn’t effect the rest of the sneaker. So when purchasing please message me so that I’m aware if you want a painted or white outsole, however, don’t worry if you haven’t managed to contact me, I will message you towards the end of the designing process to confirm. PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t replied to the messages within a few days before delivery, the custom you receive will be one without a painted outsole. 🔹 If you like the design but none of the displayed colours, please message me with your choices on any platform. 🔸 Please feel free to contact me with special requests, questions or enquiries. 🔹 I use Angelus Leather Paints, with carefully placed brush strokes to create the design. I really hope you guys enjoy this design.

Processing Time5-6 weeks

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1 reviews
Dope art, done really well my new favorite pair of forces.🤩
Review of Custom Sneaker by sneakergenic
sneakergenic's Artist Profile Picture
Artist: sneakergenic
September 2020
Hello Keagan. Thank you very much for your review, I’m very pleased that you like the custom design so much. It’s been a great experience designing for you.
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