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Orange Monarch Butterfly Mask

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8 reviews
Patricia Beers
October 2020
My son loved them. They took a while getting here but at the end of the day he loved them.
Leslie Ortega
October 2020
Shoes matched the pictures and the person receiving them was very happy
Sarita Mannie
September 2020
Loved them
Olivia Smith
August 2020
In all honesty, I’m absolutely gutted about these. Waited so long for them to come which is to be expected in these times but when they came you could still see the glue all over the shoe, the pieces weren’t cut in right and were overhanging. They just looked overall rushed. Don’t think I’d buy custom made trainers again, was just such a stress and hassle and then for them to come looking like they did wasn’t good.
Review of Custom Sneaker by thekanyemag
Review of Custom Sneaker by thekanyemag
Review of Custom Sneaker by thekanyemag
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