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Butterfly Sweatshirt by ndkicks
Butterfly Sweatshirt by ndkicks
Butterfly Sweatshirt by ndkicks

Butterfly Sweatshirt

1.10 (10)


Butterfly Custom Sweater 🦋

Processing Time3-4 weeks

Covered by Buyer Protection

If the item does not ship within the time stated (and you do not agree on a new ship by date with the artist), you can take advantage of buyer protection.

Group 84


10 reviews
Julie Deleuze
January 2021
I have ordered my shoes at the start of December 2020 and have had no news concerning the shoes that I have ordered. They were supposed to be my Christmas present but I have been waiting for nearly two months. The artist has not updated me and reading the other reviews I have a feeling I will never get my shoes,and I'am very frustrated since they weren't cheap. I have tried to be understanding of the situation but After several messages to the artist and no reply I have lost my patience. My friend also ordered shoes on this website but from a different artist and got hers in less than a month. The artists recently posted about orders ready to ship but still no confirmation of shipping. Dissapointed.
Melissa Whisnant
January 2021
My shoes were ordered in November, supposed to be shipped by December 25, 2020, and still haven't received a response from the artist.
Diego Rico
January 2021
This was my first experience in TheCustomMovement and probably will be the last. I ordered my shoes in mid-November for a Christmas present and ended up asking PayPal for a refund in mid-January. My journey with this seller has been one of the worst experiences I had while buying online. Get used to not be answered in a week or 2, the seller will claim that they had problems with PayPal, that they're waiting for the Post Office to open... I tried to understand because I'm pretty sure selling through this portal is really stressful, but after they told me the post office was open, another 2 weeks without answering. I still have the conversations, if anyone wants them. Surely, my experience has been really negative, and don't recommend this designer at all.
charles porni,
January 2021
Not any news from the seller and when we look to the review i think i will not receive any shoes... that won't end here

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