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Reflective dior Air force 1 by kaiicustoms
Reflective dior Air force 1 by kaiicustoms

Reflective dior Air force 1

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Kaii Customs - A UK based custom sneaker brand. - . All items are primed and deglazed. Made with premium leather angelus paint. Sealed with top quality finisher for a lifetime guarantee. Hand painted and created to perfection. Condition: New - with tags Material: Leather Colour: White Brand: Nike

Processing Time3-4 weeks

Covered by Buyer Protection

If the item does not ship within the time stated (and you do not agree on a new ship by date with the artist), you can take advantage of buyer protection.

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7 reviews
November 2020
I never thought I would buy white AF1’s but these look amazing and I love rain and thunderstorms and the lightning bolts fit me and my personality so well. They look amazing in person!
Zainab Karim
October 2020
I ordered these shoes as a gift for my niece. First of all, it took like 4 months for us to get the shoes. Apparently the package never went through customs and then they sent it back to the seller and then had to be resent to me. Even with that, I had to keep contacting the seller for an update. Lastly, when we did get them, they're not even hand painted. They're just stickers. The whole point of paying so much is to get hand painted butterflies. I am not satisfied with this purchase or the help I got at all.
Jade Ares-Malisch
October 2020
I originally purchased these for my boyfriend I really liked the butt on it and everything but when it arrived but hands where not well done it was kinda like he tried to erase it and tried again but it still showed the smudging. And there where some places that where not painted right.
Review of Custom Sneaker by kaiicustoms
McKenna Reynolds
October 2020
I had purchased these for my boyfriend as a present and they arrived early, however they did not match up to the shoes advertised. Some of the drawings were smeared and the faces were not well done. In a few spaces they didnt even put the same image, they put random filler. Super disappointed. I tried to reach out to the artist for a refund and they have not gotten back to me.
kaiicustoms's Artist Profile Picture
Artist: kaiicustoms
October 2020
Hello! we apologise for your negative experience however we have been in contact with you twice to try to resolve this issue. We have sold thousands of custom sneakers since our opening and i assure you that this is not the of service we intend to provide.
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