Heroes by greggoya
Heroes by greggoya
Heroes by greggoya


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I painted to hands barely touching, separated by an invisible enemy that forces them to stay far from each other. They represent the distance that was separating us and forcing us to stay inside our homes during the lockdown. That same distance that took our breath away and forced us to look for some air in the promise that all of this would have come to an end. The two hands that I painted are a tribute to one of the greatest artists of our Country, at the same time they recall the beauty of Italy, my Country. This ruthless virus that hit all of us showed how fragile and vulnerable we all are, mute in front of the drama and prisoners in our homes waiting for the emergency to end. But yet the distance that kept us apart also kept us close in a silent and still resistance, in support of those who fights every day in the halls of the hospitals betting their lives against the virus. They are silent heroes that every day go beyond their limits and keep the hope alive. For this reason I painted a phrase took from the Italian version of the Hippocratic Oath, that every doctor have taken since centuries ago when starting the profession: “I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art”.

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9 reviews
Sitara Curtis
January 2021
I would like my money back if I can not get my shoes I ordered months ago
Mayanka Karunagaran
October 2020
Although Covid delayed the shoes, when they arrived they were exactly like the picture and were perfect!
Yahaira Jimenez
September 2020
Amazing quality! The design was perfect and more than I can ask for! Will be ordering again from this artist!
Granqvist Eemil
September 2020
Really good work.. i got exactly whats shown in the pictures

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