AF1 * MENTA 2.0 * by lorenz.og
AF1 * MENTA 2.0 * by lorenz.og
AF1 * MENTA 2.0 * by lorenz.og
AF1 * MENTA 2.0 * by lorenz.og
AF1 * MENTA 2.0 * by lorenz.og

AF1 * MENTA 2.0 *

5.00 (8)


Hand dyed, pistachio outsole, mint green upper faded into lilac purple. Holographic Lace Dubrae.

Processing Time4-5 weeks

Covered by Buyer Protection

If the item does not ship within the time stated (and you do not agree on a new ship by date with the artist), you can take advantage of buyer protection.

Group 84
US Size
Group 84


8 reviews
Adam Hewitt
July 2020
Incredibly happy with the quality and uniqueness of the shoes as well as the professionalism shown throughout the process. I would highly recommend Lorenz.og and will definitely be back for more.
Monica Federici
May 2020
Couldn’t be more pleased with my trainers from Lorenzo! The colour is so individual - like nothing I’ve seen anywhere else. Super bleached out and authentic. The service I had from Lorenzo was amazing from start to finish. Would highly recommend these for a high quality custom. Everything detail has been thought through. Will 100% be buying again, cannot wait to see what else this boy can do.
Numan Hussain
May 2020
Nike by Lorenzo! Wow! The shoes, the finish, the execution and the best bit, the colour of the dye was Spot on. Pictures do not justify the quality and the time & effort which has gone into these. When I saw the shoes in person, my eyes lit up! The detailing is immaculate from top to bottom of the shoe. 10/10. An amazing customer service, kept myself aware of each stage of the process on what was going on with my order. I didn’t choose the colour of the dye as I asked yourself that I would like you to work your magic and wanted you to surprise me. You definitely worked your magic and that 1 of 1 feeling felt good. Highly recommend. Everyone needs that 1 of 1 feeling by Lorenzo. Will be 100% using you again to get some more shoes dyed & customised in the future! Thank you.
Megan Mitchell
May 2020
Absolutely love my shoes. The time and effort Lorenzo puts into every individual pair of trainers is second to none and it really shows. The attention to detail is amazing, they are absolutely flawless! I couldn’t recommend Lorenzo enough for anyone wanting a 1 of 1 custom pair of trainers!
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