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Reefa Rick & morty custom Air Force 1

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Rick and mortgage Air Force 1 The custom pictures Rick walking a field of weed - reefa Rick, on the outside of the shoe. The design is painted with the highest execution and precision to give the wearer a real sense they’re wearing artwork, not just a custom. 100% wearable and washable for you to enjoy. Available in black or white Air Force, just message me to request which one!

Processing Time7-14 days

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Group 84


3 reviews
Anna Laverdiere
October 2020
absolutely LOVE them!
lexi perez
August 2020
They only custom paint one side of shoe i wish i would have known that before paying for shoes. There was black paint on the white part of one of the shoes after emailing the custom movement about this they never replied even tho the nike symbols on one side were painted nice i will NOT be a returning customer
jonyers_art's Artist Profile Picture
Artist: jonyers_art
Hi Lexi, one star feels harsh. We aim to provide the best possible service and quality to our customers. We at sorry you didn’t know about the one sided swoosh however we do not advertise as a two sided custom. As for thespec if black paint, we did correspond with you and apologised that that slipped through our quality control. However we did give you a tip to remove it that should work wonders. Jonyers_art
Best pair shoes I own - true creation
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